Blood pressure check

The pod
12th Jan 2023

Blood pressure and other health reviews

We have a blood pressure and health review pod near the waiting area (to the right of the reception desk) that automatically measures a patients height, weight and blood pressure. If you have been invited to use it by a member of St Johns Way team by telephone, email/SMS or verbally please come to the practice Monday - Thursday between 10am - 1pm for the review. 

To use the machine:

  1. please take off your shoes 
  2. stand on the machine
  3. put in your date of birth on the screen and follow the instructions
  4. roll up the sleeve of your left arm and remove your watch
  5. you will be asked questions on alcohol consumption and smoking - this is normal
  6. once completed your information will be reviewed by our nursing team and if its out of range you will be contacted and you'll receive a paper copy of your results that you can take home

If you have any questions about the machine please speak to our receptionists.