Patient Participation Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

SJW's friendly Patient Participation Group (PPG) meets every 3-4 months - here are the aims of our group.

All patients are welcome to join SJW's PPG - if you're interested our next meeting is on Zoom Thursday 20th October at 1pm to sign up please email us at You can also contact the PPG Chair Stephen Wood by this email address.

Since 2017, when the PPG successfully bid for funding from Islington Community Chest, there have been a series of wellbeing groups set up and they are still open for you to join. These include singing, gardening and art. It’s all very exciting so do come along to this meeting at the surgery to hear the latest news and updates.

If you can't come to meetings, there are other ways you can join in... eg, by telling us what health matters are important to you, by sending us your Agenda items, by sharing your skills (we want to set up a "virtual" internet group so why not email us if you're interested and let us know if you can offer your help, ideas and expertise).

Getting Your View

If you would like to join the SJW Patient Participation Group please provide your name and email address.

Previous Agendas and Minutes for SJW PPG Meetings

Next PPG meeting will be on 8th December at 1pm via zoom.

Locality Patient Group Meetings

other patients saying in Islington?

There's a chance to meet and talk to patients from other practices across Islington at Locality Patient Group Meetings. Here are the Terms of reference for North Islington PPG (NIPPG) - all SJW patients are welcome to attend Locality Meetings.  'Pan' Islington PPG meetings happen twice per year.

The next Pan Islington meeting is TBC.

Agenda: TBC

For more information and to book a place, please contact Emma on 020 7832 5838 or email

The documents from the last Islington PPG meeting are available on the Voluntary Action Islington (VAI)website.

Please see here for details of VAI - a great service that supports voluntary organisations in Islington and also manages locality patient group meetings.

Agendas and Minutes Pan Islington PPG Meetings are available on their website soon after meetings.  

Phone VAI's support line on 020 7832 5836 if you want more info or have query about anything to do with Islington PPG.